Production equipment

rolling mill

At present, our company has 5 rolling production lines and we can rolling various kind of special shape section steel, most of the wheel component can be made by section steel.

cutting equipment

All of the raw material will be cutted by the professional machine, it ensures the emi-finished products make full use of raw materials, saving the cost of products.

hydraulic machine

Various models of hydraulic machines ensure that we can use cold and hot pressing process to press 15-63 inches of various kinds of wheel components.

Welding Machine

Different models of flash butt welder, submerged arc welder and other kind of welder guarantee the high welding quanlity for each wheel component and rim.

Painting Line

The international advanced E-coating paint line, makes our products lead the quality in same wheel industry and customers can customize the color and brand of paint.

Auto Equipment

We have started to use the auto equipment, they further improved the product quality, reduce production costs enhanced the strength of the company.